Fetty Wap is an American singer and rapper.   Born on 7 june,1991 in Paterson New Jersey.

His original name was Christened Willie Maxwell given by his parents. Childhood and upbringing in the same city (Paterson New Jersey).

"Trap Queen" is the Debut Single sung & recorded by him in the year 2015. This was a hit & success made him famous in US.The song was played Millions of times on the music sharing platform "sound cloud".

He is pursued his primary education at Eastside High school located  in New Jersey.

He used to be always in News due controversial activites.

Fetty wap was born with glaucoma in both eyes. In 2015 he told that doctors were unable to save his left eye. And later fitted with the ocular prosthesis.

He won many awards. Again in 2015 he bagged a  MC100 Award. MTV Video Award and BET Hip Hop award for his single hit Trap Queen alone.

He is father of six children with five diffrent women. First is Aydin born in May 2011 with Ariel Reese.And anotheris Zaviera born in April 2015 with Lezhae Zeona...

Khari born in march 2016 with Masika Kalysha. Amani born in 2016 with Elaynna Parker.Lauren born in 2017 with Turquoise Miami.Zy born in 2018 with Lezhae Zeona.

He was nicknamed Fetty (slang for money) and wap added to the end of the name to the perform in tribute to Gucci Manes(Gucci Manes is an American rapper)