Kubernetes? Top 5 Kubernetes Tech career! 

The demand for microservices is going to increase in the future as well, so even if we look at it from this point of view, its future is very bright.

Kubernetes ?

Kubernetes is  - container management tool.  - an open source container orchestration.  - acts as automatic, deployment, scaling, container managment. - scaling, descaling.


Kubernetes is one of them and has great demand these days, because many management tools are required to run the microservice smoothly.   

In Terms of jobs

Kubernetes is the modern operational role. In devOps & site reliability engineering (SRE ) jobs. Ability to make career to the top with good income and highest pay scale.

Top 5 Kubernetes Tech career

-DevOps engineer  -Senior Engineer --Cloud/Software architect  -Cloud engineer  -Full stack developer

What is the future of Kubernetes?

It is in custom resource definition and abstraction, many new dimensions are opened for developers and opens career options.


kubernetes Administrator  - India - Minimum about 4.0 lakhs annually. - US and any other country,  it is possibly around   $150,000 - $180,000.

How do I get Kubernetes Certified?

Candidates have to pass the exam of 3 hours.

In which 74% or more marks have to be obtained in CKA (Certification Kubernetes Administrator)

How do I get Kubernetes Certified?

8% from application lifecycle management 18% from installation configuration and validation.

CKA Certification

At present it is the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) which is authorized to take responsibility for its development and maintenance.