Wordly is a word game just a fun pastime game.It is developed by a developer from Brooklyn.

It is a very simple game. For this game no need to register on the site.It is a vocabulary  based game.

On the day of launch 90 people played this game. After 2 months, as many as 300 thousand.

Main goal of the game is to find out what word is hidden. The word consistent in the 5 letter game has 6 lines.

In the first  steps- you enter your first word and pressing the enter button after that all letters will  turn into one of the three colors green, yellow and grey.

Depending on the color you get information about which letters are in the hidden word. if a letter that is gray in color that means…

They are not hidden word. they can be executed. if a letter that will turn yellow- means they are in the hidden word, but they are in different places in the word( it may be repeated) and ….

if your letter turning green means this letter is in the hidden word and is located exactly in the place.

You enter the next word and the next thus getting more and more information about the hidden word. It is a vocabulary and ability to think in a logical based game .